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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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mid-june, right? >> yeah, it's already above the average high this time of year. average high is 67. we are already at 71 here in washington. and we're going to continue to climb. we're just getting started. and there's the view of label the of a summer like haze in the air. some is pollen no doubt. and there is the view overlooking spring valley in the foreground off in the middle distance is montgomery county on the horizon is frederick county, maryland. so quite a great visibility here on this sunday morning. and everything going green as temperatures are climbing into the 70s, manassas now 72. leesburg, 73 with as well as indianapolis. already uniformly climbing up to 70 near for the egg hunt over the next hour or so. then it will quickly jump. we'll be into the low 80s here by noontime and then hovering in the mid-80s by mid to late afternoon. might get a thundershower later this afternoon. other chances for rain
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that's coming up this half hour. >> all right tom, thank you. child is spending easter morning recovering after being involved in a bad crash. maryland state police say two people were killed after the suv the child was ridings in slammed into another car. this happened just before 11:00 last night on leonard town road in the hughesville area of charles county. you can see just how bad that damage was. incredible footage there. two other adults who were in that suv were injured. the person in the other car is expected to be okay. >> this is a somber and solemn day at virginia tech. students and staff and the community are gathering to remember the victims who were killed ten years ago during a mass shooting. julie kerr have i live in blacksburg where commemoration events are getting under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well stage is set for what is certainly going to be an emotional and solemn remembrance
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memorial with it's 32 stones etched with the name was students and killed on what the university president recently described as an unthinkable tragedy. already early this morning, we found visitors coming by to the memorial. you can see a woman here dropping a flower at each one of the markers, other people stopping by. just in silent tribute. at the center of that memorial, a candle flickers. it was lit at midnight and burn tonight. it will represent a commitment to never forget those who were killed on that terrible day. now, hundreds are expected to gather around the me moral in just about a half hour for a ceremonial wreath laying. the governor will be on hand for that and then at 9:43 this morning. a statewide moment of silence to honor the victims. nearly all of the families who have lost loved ones who whose children were wounded and the survivors themselves coming together here in blacksburg today with the virginia tech community. i recently reconnected with
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two who turned their terrible experience into a plan of action. >> i'm still, you know, a guy who will jump out of his seat when he hears a loud bang. >> reporter: that's just one of the ways the mass shooting still impacts colin. he was in norris hall. in his french class where 12 were killed. he was hit by four bullets. >> i still have three bullets in my body. just a few months ago, i tested positive for elevated levels of lead in my blood. and i'm trying to figure out what that means and why and what i can do. >> reporter: in the same classroom, emily she survived. lori is her mother. we spoke to her via skype. >> it was a difficult day for my family. it's been difficult since then. you know, but we are able to put the tragedy, you know, in a box and on the shelf for days and weeks at
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lori reacted to the horror of the tech tragedy by taking action. each became a leading figure in what they call the gun violence prevention movement. >> i can't let this happen. you know, oar to families. i've seen too much pain and, you know, i'm going to work to reduce gun violence. >> reporter: she stepped up to become the virginia state director to stop gun violence. goddard has a national profile, first with the brady campaign and then every count. goals like nationwide universal background checks still haven't been reached, both are progress. >> when i joined, we're not national organizations with chapters and all 50 states and networks of survivors of gun violence who get involved in advocacy. >> reporter: this week a growing family. emly is married, a high school french teacher. >> she is a strong, strong person, and obviously very resilient. i couldn't be more proud of her. >> reporter: but lori worked to change virginia's gun laws will continue.
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back from the political arena for a while. he's recently married. has a nine.old daughter and is enrolled in the nba program at the university of maryland. >> right now i have to finish and get this degree and learn as much as i can in the next two years and figure out where the missed opportunity is. >> reporter: but at this ten year mark, goddard and haas will look back, joining with the virginia tech family for whom tragedy created a lifelong bond. again, colin and lori will be here later today. and colin tells me he's looking forward to trying to find the first responder who rescued him from norris hall on that date ten years ago. coming up later in the newscast, i'll tell you a little bit more about some of the other events coming up today. back to you now in the studio. >> we'll see you later this morning. 9:05, vice president mike pence is in south korea. he and the second lady attending easter church service on the military base. they participated in a
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laying ceremony which you see happening right there. the visit comes as indications point toward another nuclear test or missile launch from north korea. during the next ten days, pence will discuss the military's response that's going to be in meetings with leaders from south korea, japan, indonesia, and australia. and this morning, north korea had an unsuccessful missile launch. vice president pence says it was probably a medium range ballistic missile that blew up within four to five seconds. the missile was launched less than a day after north korea staged this huge parade displaying it's latest military hardware. defense secretary jim mattis says president donald trump who was in palm beach is aware of the launch, but has no further comment about it. trump has been leaning on china to put pressure on north korea. speaking of the president, chaos erupting during a pro trump rally. this was in berkeley, california. let's take a look right there. police arresting
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trump supporters and counterprotesters clashed yesterday. here's the thing, only an orange barrier separated the two groups. police say things escalated when heated words were exchanged and activists threw anything they could put their hands on, including fireworks. dozen people got hurt there. 9:07, things were calmer at other rallies. including this one on the national mall. thousands of protesters packing city after city for the tax day marches. they wanted to turn up the heat on president trump and force him to release his tax returns. trump says he will not release them because he's under audit. today on "meet the press." chuck todd will sit down with jack reid and john mccain and homeland security secretary john kelly to talk about the actions by north korea and what they mean for the u.s. you can watch "meet the press" at 10:30 right after news 4 today. we are in for a warm easter sunday as we look live outside, but, yeah, thunderstorms might m
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it is a question people often ask, is there, if there is a god, then why is there suffering? and this morning, pope francis addressed that question in his easter message. the pope spoke to a sea of people gathered on the cobblestone in st. peters square and said that despite wars, sickness, and hatred, the world must hold back in their faith. he used the example of jesus carrying the cross because figuratively speaking, he was pushing forward while in pain. y'r
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check your credit card statement if you've recently used at certain atm in downtown d.c. we're going to show you. someone apparently attached a skimming device to it inside of this building. it's on 12th street. the man you see in the surveillance video is now a person of interest. employees, well they met with the device on friday, april 7th, they called police who recovered it. they're asking you now call police if you recognize that man. it is quickly warming up out there. live look right now. we may see a few thunderstorms later today. we have tom tracking your easter forecast and whether your kids will need to maybe pack a poncho or the easter egg hunt. we'll check in with him. preserving history. how a local church is fighting to save the sounds of service for generations to come
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folks gathered at the little river united church of christ before dawn. >> and the church was one of the targets of hate graffiti this passed week. derek ward is live there this morning. good morning to you, derek. >> reporter: good morning. well you know if there was ever any doubt about it, they'd come full circle here with this sunday service here at
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church. it was a solemn experience and always is, but had a special gravity to it i guess after you consider the events of earlier this week. now earlier this morning, again, out back, little alter in the woods. they started out in the memorial cove. walked through the wooded area into the area where they also would sit and gave communion and they said some words. there was sop talk about how sometimes things that you don't understand do reveal themselves toes you at some point later. that was part of the easter message. and for folks who attended that service, it was also a personal message as well as we hear from this member. >> found myself arriving at church tuesday mid-morning and i made my way to the back of the church and sat on the steps and weeped. and that's the way i started the week. and then here i am today, this beautiful morning, celebrating peace, love, unity, and it's in the greatest walk with christn
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and it was very hard and difficult in the start, but today we celebrate and i'm so thankful that we are all here. >> reporter: and again, that was sort of the theme that you hear this morning. is that it's come full circle and a strange sort of way, this is for our community together. and we talked last night with the vigil here. all over the northern virginia area. all denominations, all races, all here to say that they will not stand for what happened here last monday. we are live, derek ward, back to you. >> thanks. and on this easter sunday, this is an interesting story here. small and historical church in d.c. trying to save it's 100-year-old organ. >> as tom sherwood reports, they are hoping to preserve the unique sound for years to come. take a look. >> reporter: palm sunday, st. mary's dmurge foggy
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150 years old, the first black church here, know integrated, a community fixed. this 1885 photo shows the church's original four dormer windows. they are still here today. choir master julius tillman takes the train from baltimore several times a week. he has played this organ since 1973. >> reporter: this organ has seen better days. veteran organ donor and cure rater michael hart says it's more than 1,000 pipes are showing their age and more. >> it's received some damage from leaky roofs. this plaster is all falling because of damage. and it falls and gets in the pipes and chokes them. >> reporter: the small church
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can ill-afford the full 300,000 dollar restoration costs. hart does what he can for the organ valued at more than a half million dollars. >> the org season a gift of the statement of faith to future generations. >> reporter: the church celebrates it's 150th anniversary in june, national opera star jesse norman, his honorary chairman and we'll see. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> thank you. now the quest for the stanley cup. alex and the caps may need something to wake them up earlier in the game. fans wakiing up disappointed in the game. this was at the verizon center. the game went into an second overtime. caps not able to get ahead until next week. >> to want win the games, i think we have to capitalize on the chances we got. in the third and really no overtime.
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good looks. but 1-1. move over to toronto. >> move over to toronto. that's where the next game is. tomorrow night, 7:00, and talk about a quick transition at the verizon center. crews going to be busy swapping out all the ice. >> so crazy how they do that. washington wizards will take center court this afternoon for the nba playoffs. they face off against the atlanta fauks during game one tonight. some have never even been to the post season. >> we have a couple guys that are anxious to see what the playoffs are like. it's totally different. the crowds are amazing. it's fun, nothing more you could ask for. this is what you work hard for. >> they play at 1:00 here at home. facebook live chat, they felt tom sit down and immediately ready to talk about the weather and the warmth. >> it's unreal. it's beach weather. >> tanning perhaps? >> i
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beach cam in ocean city. it's in the 80s this afternoon. yeah, more like a june and july here than april. right now, off to a balmy start, we're in the 70s and by 10:00, mid-70s within and then by noontime near 80. ought to hit the mid-80s midafternoon. late afternoon might get a passing thundershower. then after that, by 10:00, back down to the low 70s. all dry now and storm team 4 radar, but hour by hour as we look going forward here. this area you'll see in the caller coming into the mountains. those are showers and thundershowers, that's 3:00 p.m. then after that, by around 4:00 to 5:00, some of the showers and thundershowers may be getting good western and northern suburbs. then right into the metro area between 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, they dissipate after that. and the cloud cover breaks up and we'll have another balmy evening coming up. temperatures by dawn monday for the morning commute as the metro and waiting at the bus stop. may need a light jacket. we'll be into the low 60s early
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commuters and noontime temperatures near 70. then heading back home below 70s. might get a little passing shower on monday evening. otherwise, dry into tuesday and tuesday afternoon a bit cooler into the low 70s. and then wednesday, maybe some off and on light rain. that ought to help wash the pollen out of the air. then on thursday afternoon and evening, maybe more showers, perhaps even a little bit of thunder. back up near 80 degrees on thursday afternoon. then friday, bit cooler again, partly sunny to mid-70s and saturday upper 60s. then a week from today, that's when we may get some needed rain. some more substantial rain, that's a week from today. that ends that following monday morning. good day i'm kerry dan with nbc news. president donald trump has famously said that he'll be flexible on big issues. and some major shifts this past week showed us just how much he is willing to bend. first, trump said china is not a
9:22 am
currency manipulator, contradicting his opinion throughout the campaign. then nato is not actually obsolete. then he said he now supports the export/import bank when which he opposed and trump also spoke favorably of janet yel whon he previously criticized. and that all came after trump lunched a strike in syria in retaliation for a chemical attack. that's a move he woorned back in 2013. they're going away from the more nationalist represented by top house trump strategist steve bannon and the pragmatic represented by the advisors. after weeks of stories about the white house, we're starting to see why just who's up and who's down matters so much for u.s. policy. i am sensitive to the fact that they were sent there untrained, but hey, at least they didn't have to fly united. am i right?
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jared, steve. standing before me are my two top advisors. they only have one photo in my
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hand. that's right. tonight is elimination night. been a lot of drama in the house. and that's okay, one of you must go. now. who gets to stay? jared, you take the most beautiful photos. >> yes. not like there's any surprise here, but snl is holding nothing back when it comes to politics. >> yeah, the show poking fun of the alleged views between trump's top aids steve bannon and jared kushner. also poking fun at white house press secretary sean spicer. [ applause ] >> all right. get out of here. get out of here. go. get out of here. get out of here. all right. shut up. shut up. don't push me, i'm sweating my easter eggs off in this thing. now everybody shut up. so i can apologize. yes, y'all got your wish this week, didn't you? huh. spicy finally made a mistake. >> all ri
9:27 am
live broadcast in all time zones in the u.s. and canada. as you saw at the top of that -- jimmy fallon returning. >> yeah. >> hosting. great job. jared kushner there. >> spicy. >> spicy's back. >> what you swau united, politically, you knew snl -- >> you knew that was coming. >> and they delivered. there you go. keeping us laughing. that's for sure. >> absolutely. we like that on our sunday morning. have a good laugh. 9:27, take you outside far live look as we look at the white house on a beautiful sunny start to this sunday. temperatures going to be getting up to the mid-80s. feels like june. we've got tom closely watching how long the heat stretch will last. >> i will take it. controversial executions put on hold. the legal battle over their lives and why the fight may not be or yet. ve
9:28 am
stronand restoringding a a father's faith.. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back in on this sunday morning, april 16, 2017. easter sunday. good morning to you. i'm david culliver in for adam. >> and i'm megan fitzgerald in for angie. and it's going to be a beautiful day. there's no if's, and's, or but's about it. >> people on the facebook live feed telling us they're wearing shorts. let's head out to tom on the weather deck. not in shorts though, right? >> no, not yet. but i will be later today. it's still
9:31 am
we have got beautiful deep green lawn behind me. everything going green as a result our pollen counts are jumping. here in northwest d.c. where i am located. trees are turning green. trees in the high range now, mostly oak tree pollen and temperatures are high range too. look at leesburg up to 77 now. reagan national now at 71. hour by hour end of the afternoon will be peeking in the mid-80s, midafternoon, we'll be holding steady there throughout the afternoon. maybe a thundershower later in the afternoon. nour hour by hour timing on that coming up this half hour. >> we will see you in a few minutes. students, staff, community members gathering at virginia tech. it is a solemn day on campus as they remember the victims killed during that mass shooting there that was ten years ago today. joining us once again, julie kerry, she's live where commemoration events have been going on really for the past couple of days and continue this morning. juli
9:32 am
>> reporter: right, good morning. you know walking around campus earlier this morning, you could just sense a kind of hush. there's a real mood of reflection here. you can look across the grill field right now and see people gathering around the memorial for the first of seven to remember the 32 students and teachers killed here ten years ago on that day. in just a few moments, we expect to see governor terry mckau live and university president charles seager at the memorial. that will be placing ceremonial wreaths there and then that'll be followed at 9:43 by a statewide moment of silence. now, many of the families most impacted by the tragedy will be on campus here today. including a fairfax county couple whose youngest daughter was killed. they recently shared with me the very different paths they've taken in the past ten years as they've dealt with this terrible loss. joe and wife hand in hand in a recent crime victim's walk. one of the portraits framed, that of their daur
9:33 am
she was one of the 32 killed in a gunman's rampage at virginia tech. >> roma and i had a journey over these last ten years. i took the political path. i had to do something about it. >> reporter: joe became one of the first parents to speak out after the tragedy. first on behalf of the heartbroken family. soon though, joe's cause shifted. he poured himself into efforts to tighten virginia's gun laws. >> the tragedy -- >> reporter: after two years, he became frustrated with what he calls the political treadmill and focussed instead of this goal. >> what can we do today that we can actually implement to create safer schools and safer campuses? >> reporter: the independent vtv family outreach foundation was formed. he is first chairman. the group created a gold standard model for school safety. among it, the initiatives requiring threat assessment teams for all virginia public higher and institutions. now it's campaign 32 is pushing to get all states to enter the
9:34 am
to themselves other others into a national data base used to check gun buyers. for mona though, the decade long journey has been a spiritual one. >> i need to go back and find why am i living? where was god when rema was killed? >> reporter: a turning point came five years ago as she was writing in her journal. >> i wrote a sentence. all those first five years, it's like i was holding on to rema, trying to find my answers. >> reporter: now mona oversees the angel fund in her daughter's honor. it's focussed, mental health issues in the public schools, things like bullying and suicide prevention. but a mother's reflection that this ten year mark still heart breaking to hear. >> her sister's getting married, her brother's getting married where would she be doing? one year or ten years, they're just as painful. we learn to carry the pain. we learn to deal with the pain,
9:35 am
but her loss is there. >> reporter: and now have a ritual that begins and eaches day. >> every day, i kiss her picture good morning, and every night before bed, i kiss her picture good night. she's still with us, as i said the spirit doesn't get gone. >> reporter: the spirit that the couple says will continue to inspire. what a wonderful couple. you want to learn more about their efforts, you can go to the nbc washington app and search under angel fund. we're going to head on over to the memorial now for that ceremonial wreath laying and we will bring you that later on in our newscast. back to you now in the studio. >> julie, thank you. chaos at a church carnival in birmingham sent five people to the hospital. sheriff's detectives -- deputies rather say four of those people, including a child, were shot in the parking lot of the church last night. a pregnant woman was also hurt after she was knocked over by people running from
9:36 am
police don't know what led to the shooting, but everyone is expected to be okay. five people were taken into custody for questioning. attorney general is filing an emergency appeal to overturn a federal judge's decision to halt all executions in that state. the order was a last minute and temporary reprieve for death row inmates. six of those executions were scheduled to begin tomorrow and be completed by the enof the month. before one of the three key drugs use in that lethal injection expires. the order was issued after lawyers raised concerns that another one of the drugs could cause severe pain. and it's a busy day for easter egg hunts and a nice one too, but tom's updating his forecast with when rain might get in the way of your holiday plans. >> this is an incredible story here. almost a week since a school shooting and a little boy, well, he is back home with his family. we're going to show you the powerful reunion and the recovery he is n
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take you down to the sunshine state where several fires are still burning in florida this morning. you're looking at a wild fire that's burning in the orange city area. the flames are near interstate 4 which is causing the lane and ramp closures. fire officials say the fire has burned at least 350 acres. so far no one's gotten hurt, but all of this is happening as that state dealt with dozens of wild fires in just the last few weeks. visit every national park in the country for free today. the national park service is also waiving entrance fees next week too. it's part of celebrating america's natural treasures. fees are being waived for commercial tour buses at parks. >> good day to get outside and enjoy the free parks. right now a live look, showers however are on the way. the timing of this is everything. we have tom tracking that in his
9:40 am
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good morning, except for the pollen it's a great day to get outdoor exercise. maybe a bike ride along the toll path or a hike or brisk run. temperatures will be into the low 80s by noontime, mid
9:43 am
evening. we may get thundershowers. i have new timing on that in just a couple of minutes. >> tom, thanks. we are right now at 9:43 when the virginia tech shooting began at norris hall ten years ago today. >> we hope you'll join us in observing a brief moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives. >> and there are events going on throughout the day in blacksburg to commemorate the tenth anniversary. 9:43
9:44 am
after a deadly school shooting in san bernardino, little boy who was shot is back home with his family. >> now for the first time, he's speaking with nbc's jane yamamoto about his recovery. >> reporter: thumb's up for from nine-year-old nolan brandy. his mom and dad wanting everyone to see how he's doing today. we only asked him about his recovery while he gets lots of love from his parents. >> i could do a cart wheel, i would. >> reporter: their only son, youngest of the three children is doing better than expected, but still, not talking about monday's shooting. >> we kind of ignore the questions about what happened. i don't think it's sunk in yet. >> reporter: it was a terrifying time for her and her husband when they got the news monday. rachel along with other parents anxiously waiting to see her son. >> because i'm in the gym with all the other parents and called his name and i thought, okay, my son is right outside the gym
9:45 am
we're going to be reunited and go home. and that's when he said it to me. your son has been shot. what? you know, what are you saying? >> reporter: nolan survived but his eight-year-old friend died in the shooting along with their 53-year-old special education teacher, karen smith. nolan suffered a gunshot wound to the upper body. >> abdomen and he broke a rib. and part of his liver and kidney and a bit of his bowels was hit, but that all seems to be healing. >> it's been okay. and he's going to be okay. he's going to be fine. he's almost to 100%. >> reporter: their son is remarkably in good spirits giving us a high five. the brandy's are grateful for all the support and well wish's they have received from around the world. rachel hopes time and prayers will help with the emotional healing. >> and all those parents th
9:46 am
and we will continue to be strong. >> reporter: and her son left us with this. and while nolan continues to recover, doctors say he could be ready to return to school later this month. in san bernardino, nbc 4 news. boston is getting ready for the 121st running of the boston marathon. you can expect security to be tight tomorrow. it comes as the city marks four years since the marathon bombings. yesterday, officials placed wreaths at the spots where two explosions went off near the finish line. three people died in more than 260 others were hurt in 2013. one of the survivors who lost her leg is now helping others get prosthetics. >> tragic circumstance, of course, but it's really nice to know that so many people in the city in the families that were affected are making something positive
9:47 am
>> the team called team limitless will race in the marathon tomorrow. the district now where police say they need your help. man who assaulted two women over the past three days. take you to the first incident that happened thursday night. as a woman was walking on kennel worth avenue. police say a man touched her, then took off. and at 6:30 yesterday morning, police say the same man tried to sexual assault another woman. this was on nearby 34th street. according to investigators, the man had a knife and grabbed the victim. he ran away when she started pushing back. retired navy captain from northern virginia is behind bars this morning. the county sheriff's office says he tried to solicit a 14-year-old girl. investigators say thad dober was talking to an undercover detective online. the 49-year-old was arrested when he showed up to a meeting spot. he's from king george, virginia, which is just east of
9:48 am
including electronic solicitation of a minor. this is a devastating story out of arizona. police there say former baltimore ravens tight end todd heath accidentally killed his own daughter. police say he ran over here when he was moving the truck on friday afternoon. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police there say he was not impaired. tom heath was an all pro tight end for the ravens and the arizona cardinals. his daughter was just three years old. >> devastating story. prince george's county firefighter who was killed a year ago was honored by this weekend rather by the community he served. a moment of silence and a blood drive were held yesterday to remember unit john. he was shot and killed during a call in another firefighter was injured. we have more on the story, including an interview with the surviving firefighter on our nbc washington app just search firefighters. d.c. police have not yet responded to news 4's request for information on
9:49 am
application cruiser. this happened in the district's neighborhood around 7:00 last night. our crews were out there. they saw a man taken away from that scene in that ambulance. no word on his condition. and you will want to plan ahead for your weekday commute if you need to that i can metro, green line because it's safe track again. it's the surge number 14 which will be under way in maryland. so throughout the end of april or through the end of april, the green bell and college park stations will be closed. this is just the first phase of work metro will have shuttle buses at those stations to help riders. for more info on how to get around during the closures. just head o tour nbc washington app and search safe track. tom joining us now, tom, for folks not taking metro, bike ride, walk. >> beautiful day for it. >> or sit motionless in it or lay back in a hammock. >> that is a good idea. >> on the weather deck, balmy breezes coming in, it's very se
9:50 am
day. temperatures are going to be stay hovering in the mid-70s where we are now for another couple of hours. then it's going to be jumping into the 80s by early afternoon then hovering in the mid-80s, midafternoon. there is the capital wheel at national harbor. the live view from the storm team 4. prince george's county camera and you can see the sunshine pouring down there and the turquoise waters of the potomac river. and right now, 77 already in leavesburg. reagan national, 71. cooler near the potomac. just in the low 70s now just about everywhere, mid-70s, most of maryland, virginia, and out in the mountains, great day for baseball. nationals first pitch, 1:35 as they take on the phillies. and it's going to be in the low 80s then and a warm and breezy afternoon. hovering in the mid-80s throughout the game, but not too humid. it's after that that we may get some thundershowers coming on through. all dry on storm team 4 radar. timing on showers and
9:51 am
mountains. this is as of 3:00 p.m. there's the time stamp that's going to be in the panhandle of west virginia. then in the shenandoah valley 4:00 to 5:00, it's after that they move further to the east and come across northern virginia. and into the metro area between around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and quickly dissipate, but probably not severe storms, but enough to produce maybe a brief downpour and a little bit of lightning. then we dry out after that. and then, for the morning commute tomorrow, we'll have dry roads, temperatures in the low to mid-60s and partly cloudy. then lunch hour tomorrow, up around 70 degrees. and then during the afternoon when you're heading back home, not as warm as today, still mild. sunroof open, we'll have our temperatures in the mid-70s midafternoon and low 70s when you're heading back home tomorrow. then monday night, might get a passing rain shower. otherwise, just some clouds coming through then tuesday partly cloudy. little cooler, but still above the average high of 67 and ought to make it into the low 70s on tuesday afternoon. then much-needed rain. mushrooms going maybe, that's going to be o
9:52 am
and just otherwise cloudy and in the 60s. and then another chance of some rain showers maybe a little thunder, thursday afternoon, after it gets up to around 80 again. after that though, cooler weather moves in next friday and saturday. saturday, upper 60s, then a week from today. is really our only next chance for any substantial rain. that may be a week from today, lingering into that following monday morning. >> tom, thanks. so this is one of the most high profile events hosted by the white house. of course talking about the egg bowl. we're going to tell you about the big challenge as the trump administration prepares to host it's first.
9:53 am
9:54 am
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good morning. it is the first white house easter egg roll for the trump administration tomorrow. we're live with a look at what you can expect and some of the changes for this year. plus, get ready for the first monday morning commute during the green belt metro station shut down. we'll have your first alert traffic team coverage to get you there on time. see you tomorrow morning on news 4 today beginning at 4:26. and there are a few times that players from different baseball teams are unified in the same way. well, the number 42 shore did that yesterday. the nats and teams across the nlc celebrated jackie robinson by wearing the number 42 as part of the 70th anniversary of robinson's debut.
9:56 am
bronze statue in his honor. that's great. and if you are headed to the nat's game on this easter sunday, your kids can hunt for some eggs. how about it? >> keyword there is your kids. >> right. we couldn't participate. >> i would love it though. this is a first for them. there's going to be an easter egg hunt happening in the outfield. this is of course after the game kids get to take home a nationals easter egg basket and these are special. they must have been huge, jerseys, baseballs, and signed autographs. need a $30 special ticket that is sold for the game if you want your kids to be part of all of that fun. there's also plenty of other easter egg hunts happening in our area. the digital team helping you out with that. go to the nbc washington app and you'll find that list. and it's not a hunch, but a role for the easter eggs. >> indeed, it's the annual white house easter egg roll. it'll bepe
9:57 am
more than 21,000 people are expected to join in the fun. tickets have already been given out through the online lottery. and some of those coveted tickets go to families, schools, and hospitals. every child who knows up will get a commemorative wooden egg to take home. the sun's out this easter sunday, but showers, they're making their way in too. we have tom updating the forecast. how we can plan for this week ahead. targeted by hate, surrounded by love all within the course of a week. special easter observance at a local church. i'll tell you all ab
9:58 am
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news 4 today starts now. we begin with a violent start to easter morning. two killed in the fiery wreck while others are trying to recover. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. decade later, how the campus community is remembering the victims of the virginia tech community. easter diplomacy. vice president mike pence landing overseas for a ten day trip. tensions rise over the threat of a nuclear north korea. welcome back in to news 4 today on this sunday morning, easter sunday. happy easter to you. i'm david culliver in for adam tuss. >> and i'm megan fitzgerald. and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful


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